Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feel Good Friday Cosmetic Seminar

In December we hosted the latest in our series of Feel Good Fridays. Thanks to the generosity of Allergan and Bioform Medical, I was able to invite some of my favorite patients (send email if you want to be included in the next one) and some lucky individuals were chosen to receive free treatment . These beautiful people consented to have the rest of the guests watch and see just how simple the treatment was. Before got started, everyone shared some good food brought to us by Bioform (the makers of Radiesse). Thank you , Rebecca Merchant, for all of your support every time we have these seminars!

First we had a demonstration of Botox Cosmetic, injected into the frown lines between the eyes. It didn't take long for everyone who came to see how quick, and painless the injections are.
I could hear the sighs of relief when the guests who had never seen Botox injected before saw that the demonstration was so easy. No more fears of the needle, which is smaller than a sewing needle!
Later, we also "gave away" a filler to the person who was willing to let everyone watch her treatment. The Before and After are better seen in the gallery photos on our website.

The final demonstration was facial mole treatment. The tiny brown dots on the skin below this beautiful lady's right eye? They are gone now. It takes a few days for the treated moles to fall off. No scarring. No downtime.
Make sure you send your email to us at if you want to be included in the next Feel Good Friday seminar!

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